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6 March, 2016 by admin

Flights La Palma (SPC)

          Transavia                   Condor

Iberia               Air Berlin                   Thomson Airways

Tui Fly/Jetair               Vueling            Edelweis             Easy Jet

Primera          Fly Germania             Eurowings

Summer 2019
From Day Arrival Flight Airline
Dusseldorf Monday 09:55 DE1426 Condor
Madrid Monday 10:25 IB3844 Iberia
Madrid Monday 13:35 IB3842 Iberia
Hannover Monday 17:35 DE1494 Condor
Stuttgart Tuesday 09:55 DE1422 Condor
Madrid Tuesday 13:45 IB3842 Iberia
Berlijn Tuesday 16:30 EZY4591 Easy Jet
Brussel Tuesday 17:00 TB1661 Tuifly
Amsterdam Tuesday 18:15 HV5641 Transavia
Barcelona Wednesday 10:40 U 3248 Vueling
Amsterdam Wednesday 12:25 OR587 Tuifly
Madrid Wednesday 13:45 IB3842 Iberia
Frankfurt Wednesday 16:00 DE1406 Condor
München Wednesday 16:50 DE 1416 Condor
Londen Thursday 11:35 DOOR 4464 Tui Airways
Madrid Thursday 13:45 IB3842 Iberia
Madrid Thursday 18:20 IB3844 Iberia
Manchester Thursday 19:55 DOOR 2424 Tui Airways
Madrid Friday 13:45 IB3842 Iberia
Brussel Friday 16:00 TB1665 Tuifly
Amsterdam Friday 18:10 HV5641 Transavia
Madrid Saturday 13:55 IB3842 Iberia
 Berlijn TXL Saturday 14:35 EZY4591 Easy Jet
Barcelona Saturday 16:30 U3249 Vueling
Amsterdam Sunday 12:25 OR589 Tuifly
Madrid Sunday 13:45 IB3842 Iberia
Frankfurt Sunday 15:30 DE1406 Condor
Winter 2019-2020
From Day Arrival Flight Airline
Hannover Monday 13:25 DE 1494 Condor
Dusseldorf Monday 13:40 DE1426 Condor
Madrid Monday 14:30 IB3842 Iberia
Dusseldorf Tuesday 13:50 EW9544 Eurowings
Madrid Tuesday 14:30 IB3842 Iberia
Basel Tuesday 15:40 EZS 1227 Easy Jet
Berlijn Tuesday 16:25 JU4591 Easy Jet
Frankfurt Wednesday 12:15 DE1406 Condor
München Wednesday 12:50 DE1416 Condor
Hamburg Wednesday 12:55 DE1446 Condor
Amsterdam Wednesday 14:25 OR597 Tuifly
Madrid Wednesday 14:30 IB3842 Iberia
Manchester Thursday 10:40 TOM2424 Thomson
Zürich Thursday 13:05 WK 230 Edelweiss
Londen Thursday 14:20 TOM4464 Thomson
Madrid Thursday 14:30 IB3842 Iberia
Amsterdam Friday 09:45 HV5641 Transavia
Madrid Friday 13:45 IB3842 Iberia
Dusseldorf Friday 15:40 DE1426 Condor
Dusseldorf Saturday 11:40 EW9544 Eurowings
Stuttgart Saturday 11:45 EW2268 Eurowings
Hamburg Saturday 12:40 EW7528 Eurowings
Madrid Saturday 14:30 IB3842 Iberia
Barcelona Saturday 15:40 VY3248 Vueling
Berlijn Saturday 16:25 EJU4591 Easy Jet
Brussel Saturday 17:15 TB1661 Tuifly
Zürich Sunday 10:30 WK 230 Edelweiss
Frankfurt Sunday 13:25 DE1406 Condor
Stuttgart Sunday 14:00 DE1422 Condor
Madrid Sunday 14:30 IB3842 Iberia
Eindhoven Sunday 14:45 OR597 Tuifly

Airport S/C de La Palma: (0034) 922 63 56 43

We reserve the right to make any corrections or changes.

The times may vary, the list might not be complete.

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