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6 March, 2016 by admin

Flights to La Palma (SPC)

Jetair               Transavia                   Condor

Iberia               Air Berlin                   Thomson Airways

TuiFly              Vueling                         Easy Jet

Primera          Fly Germania

Winter 2016-2017
From Day Arrival Flight Airline
Madrid daily 14:30 IB3842 Iberia
Amsterdam Monday 9:45 HV 5641 Transavia
Hamburg Monday 13:45 DE1446 Condor
Düsseldorf Monday 13:45 DE1426 Condor
Düsseldorf Tuesday 12:15 AB3672 Air Berlin
Hannover Tuesday 13:25 DE1494 Condor
Stuttgart Tuesday 14:00 DE1422 Condor
London Tuesday 15:35 EZY8801 Easy Jet
Berlin Tuesday 16:25 EZY491 Easy Jet
Frankfurt Wednesday 12:25 DE1406 Condor
Barcelona Wednesday 12:35 VY3248 Vueling
Amsterdam Wednesday 13:20 OR565 TUI
Berlin Wednesday 14:50 AB3644 Air Berlin
Zürich Wednesday 15:30 GM3658 Flygermania
München Wednesday 15:50 DE1416 Condor
Manchester Thursday 10:40 TOM 2426 Thomson Airways
Billund (DK) Thursday 11:30 PF406 Primera Air
Kopenhagen Thursday 11:35 PF527 Primera Air
London Thursday 14:20 TOM446 Thomson Airways
Brussel Friday 9:25 HQ5102 Thomas Cook
Amsterdam Friday 9:45 HV5641 Transavia
Düsseldorf Friday 12:15 AB3672 Air Berlin
Stockholm/Helsinki Friday 12:30 PRW… Primera Air
Berlin Friday 13:25 AB3644 Air Berlin
Hamburg Saturday 11:40 ST3952 Fly Germania
London Saturday 15:35 EZY8801 Easy Jet
Barcelona Saturday 15:45 VY3248 Vueling
Berlin Saturday 16:25 EZY4591 Easy Jet
Brussel Saturday 17:40 TB6733 Jetair
Zürich Sunday 10:05 AB3674 Air Berlin
London Sunday 12:05 TOM4728 Thomson Airways
Düsseldorf Sunday 13:55 AB3762 Air Berlin
Manchester Sunday 13:00 TOM2706 Thomson Airways
Berlijn Sunday 13:00 AB3644 Air Berlin
Airport S/C de La Palma: (0034) 922 63 56 43
We reserve the right to make any corrections or changes.  The times may vary, the list might not be complete.
From Day Arrival Flight Airline
Madrid Monday 14:30 IB3642 Iberia
Stuttgart Tuesday 14:30 DE1422 Condor
Hannover Tuesday 16:55 DE1494 Condor
Brüssel Tuesday 18:15 JAF2125 jetair/Tui
Amsterdam Tuesday 18:15 HV5641 Transavia
Frankfurt Wednesday 15:55 DE1406 Condor
München Wednesday 16:45 DE1416 Condor
Barcelona Wednesday 17:10 VY3248 Vueling
Amsterdam Wednesday 19:00 OR677 Tui
London-Gatwick Thursday 20:00 D89488 Norwegian
Manchester Thursday 20:05 TOM2424 Thomson Airways
Frankfurt Friday 15:55 SDR3004 Sundair (Schauinsland)
Amsterdam Friday 18:05 HV5641 Transavia
Barcelona Saturday 15:40 VY3248 Vueling
Amsterdam Sunday 18:15 OR665 Tui

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